Art posting

Artists! I'm sorry I haven't been as clear as could be hoped. Ideally, art is now done; please post your art straight to the Genficathon collection at AO3 using the fic guidelines. (Substitute whatever methods would be used for linking art, of course.) Please post as soon as you can (today, Sunday, is ideal).

Important update: One artist has found that images linked at AO3 are being downsized (to three-quarters) and lightened, even though the links are to the art originals. Therefore: If you would prefer to post your images to your journal instead, you are welcome to do so. Please just make sure I have the link from you in that case. I will insert a preview or story-version image link into the story, but I will also give the page link for the "high-quality image version" so that your art can be seen as you designed it, without intermediary alteration. I'm sorry about this. [End update.]

If you have preview or insertion images to go into the fics, please provide those to me (or, um, tell me how to extract them from your AO3 post; either is fine, but I'm just unfamiliar with working with images).

I can de-anon anyone at any time they want, but this lets everything start off the same way. If you do want to be public immediately, please let me know.

I'll leave comments to this post screened, so feel free to leave any instructions or questions here. (I can unscreen comments if you want them to be public; in that case, please indicate that.)

Thank you all for your patience!

Art posting options discussion

Greetings, artists!

I don't know if folks had specific plans regarding how their art would be posted. As far as I know, links/previews would be included in the fic posts, with those links going to wherever the art is hosted.

Would you like to post your art directly to the Genficathon at AO3 instead/as well?

I've seen artists posting their fanart at AO3 recently, though as far as I know the art itself still must be hosted elsewhere. (I really don't know much yet about how art is currently being posted, anywhere in general or at AO3 in specific.) If you post straight to the collection, you could be initially Anonymous if you liked ... though that may be moot if your hosting location gives clues to your identity, and I can un-Anon individual works as far as I can tell if you'd prefer to post to the collection identified from the outset.

Thoughts, questions, concerns? This post is currently public with comments not screened; any commentary you'd rather remain non-public can be sent to me by PM.

Author reminder: deadline to be eligible for art is today! | Artist details

Remember, if you want art, the deadline is today!

By "today", consider that to mean that it's Thursday somewhere in the world. Don't sweat hours or minutes.

Full draft submissions
If you have a draft ready, email it to the sga.genficathon user at gmail. I'd prefer that you attach a text file so that we can just transfer that file to the artist, but I can repackage if needed. Make sure to let me know if you're open to the artist knowing your identity!

Drafts should be submitted "today", but if you do finish your draft as late as Saturday 10am US EDT, you can send it along. I'll try to include it; no promises.

On Saturday, at noon US EDT, I'll post a members-only locked entry at sgagen_art that includes the header info for all submitted drafts. The header info will include a new line indicating whether the author is willing to be revealed to the artist. This entry will initially not allow comments, so that everyone has a chance to read all the entries. Fifteen minutes later, I'll switch the post to allow comments so that claiming can commence. The format will be the same as last year, with all info listed in the body of the post. (This is a tentative plan; please let me know of any problems or questions.)

Non-draft submissions
If you're not submitting a draft but want to participate in the round-two artist matching, leave a comment with your headers, including summary, here. (I'm cross-posting here, at the LJ fic comm, and at the DW mirror comm; you may use any of these locations.) I will screen comments, so they will not appear publicly but I will receive notifications for them.

I'd prefer to receive those "today", but I will accept them up until noon US EDT Saturday.

On Saturday, after I open the full-draft post to claiming, I will then create a second members-only locked post at sgagen_art for the second round. For this post, I will enter each submitted header/summary as a top-level comment, with replies frozen. This should be at about 12:30 US EDT. At 1pm US EDT, I will then remove the freeze on the comments; the first artist to respond, if any, is the claiming artist for that story. No one is guaranteed a match. For claims, I will forward my notification email including the author and all header info, and that artist can then work with that author to get as much detail as possible in order to create art. (Again, this is a tentative plan; so please let me know of any problems or questions.)

Remember, if you're submitting a draft or headers for artist matching, you're committing to finishing your fic in time to have it posted in the Genficathon, so please keep that in mind if you're currently uncertain you can finish. Even if you don't have a draft ready, you should be confident you can wrap up your story within the next month.

One-week extension for drafts-for-art; new art-matching option

Okay, I'm going to be decisive here.

I am pushing out the draft-for-art deadline and the matching day one week. Drafts for art are now due Thursday 10 May with matching scheduled for the following Saturday 12 May.

To those who have already turned in drafts: Thank you. If you send in a revised version of your draft by the new deadline, we'll use that; otherwise, we'll use the version that is already submitted.
Artists: The final fic deadline is not changing, but you may use up to a full extra week past that date if you need it to finish your art. I'll adjust the posting dates as needed. Simply let me know if you'll need that week as soon as you know.
Matching process, with revisions:

For all authors who turn in a draft by the new deadline, we'll first use last year's method for matching. Your header info will be listed, and artists will choose from those selections. Artists will then be sent the anonymized draft to work from. [Note: If you are open to working directly with the artist, please indicate that when submitting your draft. Authors Artists matched to these fics will have the option of learning the author and the author's contact information. The default will be no-contact.] Links to the finished art will be sent in so that the author (or I) can include the links in the fic posting. [Tangent: If anyone's familiar with posting/linking art at AO3 and would be willing to serve as a consultant, please let me know.]

New: There will then be a second option. Authors, if you do not have a draft ready by the deadline, you can choose to provide only your header information. These headers will then be offered to artists in a second round. There is no promise that these fics will be matched to an artist. If an artist selects one of these options, the author and artist will work together to ensure the artist has enough information to work from. (Yes, this means these authors will not be anonymous to their artists.) Neither authors nor artists are obligated to participate in this option.
Authors, please remember that if you do participate in matching, you're indicating that you fully expect to finish your fic by the final deadline. If for some reason you absolutely cannot finish, the artist will be given the option to have their art posted on the fic's scheduled date with an explanatory summary derived from the story information they used.
Questions, comments, objections, agreement? Please let me know. Comments are screened.

Author check-in at main comm!

Please note there's an author check-in poll over at the main comm. I'm concerned that we may not have enough fics turned in for artist matching to work, and one option would be to push out the matching by a week. (Artists would be allowed an extra week if needed to accommodate in that case.)

If you're an author or want to give feedback regarding this prospect, please head over there!

(It's not enough to) watch this space!

Greetings! I notice this community has a large number of watchers who aren't currently members. If you're a watcher who has any interest in participating in this year's match [ETA:] as an artist, please let me know so I can add you to the member list! (The match post will be locked to community members.)

You can respond to this post (I'll turn on screening in case anyone's worried about anonymity) or email/PM me. Please let me know by Thursday (that's just two days away) so that I can make sure everyone is added in time.
General note: The matching is scheduled for this Saturday. I'll be away from the internet for most of the weekend (to work a cat shelter adopt-a-thon), but I plan to have all the details set up for leesa_perrie to be able to run the matching, and I'll be checking in myself as well late at night.

A couple of rule clarifications for artists

Hi artists! Since we've had some questions, here are a couple of rule corrections/clarifications:

- Please don't include the author's name in your artwork, because the stories will be posted anonymously and it'll spoil the surprise! After the reveals, if you'd like to send a version of the art that includes the author's name (this mostly applies to those who are doing cover-type images for their assigned fics) you can do that and we'll replace it with the new version. But no author names for the duration of the anonymous period, please.

- If you can put the title of the story in your subject line, it makes the mods' lives much easier! (So far, everyone has been doing this anyway, but I figured I'd mention it.)

That's it! Otherwise, things are going great; thank you all for participating!
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Final claiming post

Genficathon artists! We have decided to open up the list of stories for further claiming. This will be on a more relaxed basis and open until early June (date to be confirmed later). New stories may be added at the end of the original list, so please check back from time to time if none of the current ones interest you. We have no limit at present on how many times a fic can be claimed by separate artists, but reserve the right to apply one if a fic is proving to be popular!

Art will be due June 11, 2011 at midnight Alaska time. You will be signing up to do one piece of art for your chosen story. (You can do more, but one is the guarantee.) Any kind of art is welcome -- traditional art, manips, covers, title graphics, cartoons, etc.

Please comment to this post with your story choice. Even if you have already claimed a story, you may claim a second story if you are confident that you can do two pieces of art by the deadline. If you wish to claim a third story, please only do so after you have submitted artwork for at least one of your previously claimed stories. We would ask artists to prioritise artwork for stories chosen in the previous two claiming posts, as this way all of those fics will receive artwork.

If you have not claimed a story before, please email me once I have confirmed your claim - with the story title in the subject line - and I will send you the draft fic plus artists information as soon as I am able:

Artists who have already claimed stories should not need to email me again, I have your addresses available on the gmail account.

I will be away from the afternoon of May 27th to afternoon/evening of May 30th, with no internet available during those dates.

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